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Inetum Realdolmen map highlight Belgium


Since 1995, the Group Gfi Informatique ( has positioned itself as one of the leading IT service firms in Europe, with worldwide presence - 17 countries and employing more than 20,000 people in 2018. The Group recorded revenues of €1132M in 2017. Group Gfi provides its customers with expertise in consulting, systems integration, outsourcing and software solutions. Gfi has developed 10 skills centers, 6 services centers in France and 3 off-shore centers, which are key points in the industrialization process. The company covers all stages of the information system life cycle and caters mainly for large corporates, public bodies and local authorities. Innovation at Group Gfi is a structured process with clear results. Our approach is based on two principles: giving the Group and its customers a view of their digital strategy two years ahead, and bringing out solutions that will have a place in the market ( ). The Belgian branch of Gfi, named Realdolmen, counts with approx. 2000 employees.

In PAsCAL different areas of the company will be involved:

  • Software solutions dedicated transport and logistics: GfI brings all the business and technological expertise gained over 15 years of success with the implementation of transport plans optimization, time management, mobility solution, smart cities sensoring, etc.
  • Smart Cities: Launched in 2016, the Smart Cities unit is in charge of solutions for intelligent living in urban areas. It offers services and ICT solutions for 5 verticals, silos and cross-domain: Transport, Energy, Water, Citizen and Smart Building (Infrastructure).
  • Innovation at GfI Research enables the Group to focus on the technologies of tomorrow. Innovation at GfI is a structured process with clear results. Our approach is based on two principles: giving the Group and its customers a view of their digital strategy two years ahead, and bringing out solutions that will have a place in the market. The innovation unit’s task is to detect the best ideas and do a first screening. The unit is also responsible for relationships with partners, and relies on dynamic, multi-partner input to fulfil its mission. Employees, PhD students, start-ups, and institutional partners like Europe, the French government and local authorities, not to mention its most involved customers all enable GfI Group and its innovation unit to do a thorough job both in terms of detection and in building out partnerships.

Project role(s):

  • WP9 leader and Exploitation leader. RDGFI will be responsible for guiding partners in the definition of effective and sustainable commercialization/adoption plans for PAsCAL’s results. As WP9 leader, RDGFI will closely work with ACI (Dissemination Leader) in the alignment of these two activities to reach project objectives.
  • Major contributor to WP4, RDGFI will participate in the improvement and development of new Human Machine Interfaces for simulators and real CAV environments. RDGFI will analyse a big spectrum of communication channels options (visual, audio, tactile including Braille) provided via adoption of different technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, social robots, etc.
  • RDGFI will develop in WP8 the web container for the Guide2Autonomy solution. In order to guide users in its utilization, the provision of a chatbot will be considered.


+32 2 801 55 55
  • A. Vaucampslaan 42
  • 1654 Huizingen
  • Belgium